Interior Design Tips For A Spectacular Entry Way

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Nov 09
Interior Design Tips For A Spectacular Entry Way

They say that first impressions can be hard to shake, and we all know just how important those first few seconds are to set the tone….and we’re not just talking about introductions and interviews here; a visitor’s first impression of your home is likely to set the tone for the whole interaction. That’s why your home’s entryway is so integral to the overall appearance of the home.

When someone walks into a beautiful entryway, they are immediately wowed – an impression they take into every other room in the house. When, on the other hand, a guest walks into an entryway that is less than impressive….the impression they are left with is less than stellar.

Get your entryway (or foyer) just right, and the tone is set for the whole house.

Here are some valuable Interior Design Tips and Ideas for creating a breathtaking entryway that’s sure to leave your guests feeling welcome – and maybe just a little bit in awe.

First, Keep It Clean and Clear

Nothing would ruin your first impression of a home faster than walking into a cluttered, dirty foyer, where it’s difficult just to move around comfortably, take off your coat and your shoes without kicking something.

If the front hall (where you guests come in) is that dirty, then how bad is the rest of the house?

Spend some time organizing your front hall, keeping any items and furniture down to a minimum; only the most important items should be kept in your front entry. You should also spend some time making sure that everything is in its place; you want to guarantee a wide, open walkway for your visitors to enter and walk to and fro with total ease.

If you and the kids leave your shoes and coats in the front hall, make sure everything is neatly organized, and that there are enough hooks and mats for everything. If you need a table to drop the keys or the mail, find a spot for it that doesn’t get in the way. If you can slide your dirty shoes under the table and out of the way – even better!

For extra storage space, think about putting up some floating shelves in addition to any coat hooks and shoe storage spots. Floating shelves don’t take a lot of space on the wall or in the room but can provide some much-needed storage to keep that front entryway clear. The clearer the room, the easier to move around it is…and the more welcoming it becomes.

Vertical shoe racks are also excellent at making the most of the space you already have; why lay all the shoes out side-by-side when you can just stack them neatly on top of each other?

Floating Shelf

Think About A Place to Sit

Putting a bench or stool right by the door can do wonders for making your home seem welcoming and comfortable. Some shoes – especially winter boots – can be difficult to remove without taking a seat, and it’s often nice for guests to sit down for minute as they take off all their winter gear. An opening bench also makes a fantastic storage option – it’s the perfect place to keep shoes, hats and gloves neat and out of sight.

Bench in Entryway Pinterest

Make Sure It’s Well Lit

Right up there with a crammed, cluttered and dirty entryway – just in terms of sheer annoyingness – is a dark and underlit one.

Again, guests should feel welcome when they enter the house, and a dark hallway where they can barely see their way around is hardly conducive to that. Make sure they can see what they’re doing as they take their shoes off! If your home doesn’t have recessed lighting already, add a lamp in the corner or think about a new chandelier.

Speaking of Chandeliers…Add Some Statement Lighting

Once we’ve nailed the basics of an entryway – clean, welcoming and well-lit – we can start to think about having some fun with decorations and designs. If lighting is your first stop, think about adding a chandelier or something like give the room some elegance and flair. Pendant lighting comes in any manner of styles, and there will surely be one that fits your home perfectly.

Placing large and bright lights above the hallway also draws attention upward – making the room seem larger and more spacious, as well as a lot cooler.

There’s no shortage of both elaborate and simple lighting out there to choose from, and you should have no problem choosing some lighting fixtures that match your home’s unique style.

If you have a more modern or contemporary industrial style, investigate metal light fixtures and even hanging work-lamp type lights.

Use Mirrors To Add Space and Light

Wanna know a cool trick to make a room – or your whole home – seem just a little bit bigger? Place mirrors strategically around the room. Mirrors reflect a lot of light, brightening the room as well as giving a much larger and more open appearance.

Adding a few large mirrors to your front hall can make the room seem much grander when a visitor walks in the room. If your entryway is just a little too tight for your own comfort, this trick will work wonders, and your guests will never even notice!

Mirrors in Entryway - Decoist

Add Some Plants, Add Some Life

A few well-placed and welcoming plants can bring life to an otherwise not-so-exciting part of the house. The larger the plants, the more life they bring – and the more exciting that room becomes. Choose pots that match your home’s overall look, whether that’s traditional pottery, that old metal farm pail look, or even wicker.

If you don’t have a lot of room to spare in that hallway, again, just think vertical; get a small flower box that goes up right on your wall and makes the perfect home for a small succulent or two.

Plants in Front Hall

Hang Some Nice Artwork!

If you’re into fine art, let your guests know as soon as they enter the home! Hang some fine artwork – whether a replica of one of the greats, or just something you found at the local store that you really love – on the walls near the door and make a statement as soon as they enter the room. If possible, choose an art palette that complements the color of the rest of the entryway.

Fine Art in Foyer

Put Down A Nice Area Rug

Using a rug in your entryway not only adds some color and decoration, but also provides an excellent place for mud and dirt to collect – instead of being dragged throughout the home. And no, we don’t just mean a welcome mat! Get creative. There are many patterned, colorful, even elaborate, rugs out there that will spice up that front hall while also being resistant to dirt and easy to clean.

Adding a rug also helps with defining the space, giving the room a bit of shape and letting visitors know for sure that they have arrived. Adding a runner – a long area rug – helps lengthen the walls visually, making the entryway seem larger, brighter and more impressive!

Rug - HGTV


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