Fun and Elegant Winter Kitchen Décor Ideas: 2019 Edition

By Ken Griffin | Blog

Nov 25
Winter Kitchen Décor Ideas

Winter is coming. That sounds ominous to some, for sure, but we think it means that a prime time for some light kitchen makeovers and some heavy redecorating to prep for the upcoming chilly season. And what better way to welcome the New Year – when it arrives – than with a fresh new kitchen?

Keep reading to see some hot – and cool- trends and ideas for redecorating your kitchen this winter.

Start With The Color: Warm or Cool?

If you think it’s time for a new color palette for the winter seasons, there are two ways to go about it.

First – and most common – you can go with a cool color palette – of whites and soft greys – that mimics and blends with the colors of the winter season.

Prime spots for adding some cooler shades include the cabinets and, of course, the fridge. Trimming them with light grey makes a perfect winter palette. If you’re in the mood for repainting…those walls will complete the white and grey look. Other colors include light blues and pewter – pastels that complement white and light grey perfectly.

If, on the other hand, you are not a huge fan of snow, you may want to go with a warm and vibrant color palette that lifts the mood – offsetting the cold and darkness of winter and reminding you that spring is still just around the corner. Think warm yellows, maybe even a pastel red or pink.

Put in Some Warm Seats

Your kitchen is more than a place to cook and eat. It’s a place to hang out – the centerpiece of the home. That means, that come winter, it’s the perfect place to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate or baking some warm treats.

With some cozy seating in the corner, the kitchen can be just the perfect to place to do that; the kitchen is, for all intents and purposes, the center of the house. We’ve always been a fan of kitchens with couches or benches, whenever room allows. If you have an alcove or breakfast nook, a cozy padded bench with pillows and a throw blanket will be the perfect spot to enjoy that hot chocolate or tea…and just hang out any other time. The upholstery should match the color palette you’ve chosen – white, cool grey, or warm winter hues.

Bench seating area

Speaking of Hot Cocoa. . . Add a Hot Cocoa Bar

Got some spare room in the kitchen? Think about setting up a semi-permanent hot chocolate bar for the winter; get a small table or rolling bar cart and adorn it with some winter décor: Christmas trees, holly, a warm blanket as a tablecloth. Then, set up a spot to stop by and make a cup of hot chocolate anytime, with mugs, cocoa and marshmallows ready to go anytime. It’s sure to warm you up anytime.

Photo from Pinterest

Décor: Add Some Vintage Winter Items – and the Classics

Many people like to deck out their craftsman or farmhouse kitchens with vintage items like old farm pails, apples crates, and more. For winter, why not deck out your kitchen with some classic winter items – like an old sled in the corner, some boots by the door, and maybe some old, vintage wooden skis?

If vintage skis and sleds won’t fit your kitchen, go with some tried-and-true décor – like pinecones and garlands strewn above the doorway and around the fridge, and a wreath on the chandelier above the kitchen table. Complement them with a tartan tablecloth to bring some warm winter cheer.

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