Brilliant Bathroom Ideas…On a Budget

By Ken Griffin | Blog

Nov 15

The bathroom is – right after the kitchen – one of the centerpieces of your home’s interior aesthetic. It’s the perfect place to experiment with new styles, or to show off your own aesthetic preferences, in a less-prominent part of the house. Whether you prefer a modern style or a more traditional and elegant one, there are tons of updates and little tweaks you can make to your bathroom to bring it to the next level and add some style to the home.

Here are a few brilliant ones.

Add Some New Lights

This is a simple upgrade but a killer one. Putting some new lights – in strategic spots – can add some exciting flair in addition to much-needed illumination. For contemporary bathrooms, you can choose from some bright and low-profile LED lights. Place them around the perimeter of the mirror for excellent utility lighting, as well as some bright, modern style. For more traditional styles, choose elegant wrought-iron or brass fixtures – which go perfectly with an old-time bathtub and traditional taps.

LED Lights Bathroom

Speaking of Taps…

Whether you have a contemporary shower/bathtub combo or a traditional old bathtub, upgrading those old taps can have a huge effect on the bathroom’s overall look. Replace the sink faucets and hardware, as well, for an all-in-one, unified look throughout the whole bathroom. There’s a few different styles to choose from, from old-fashioned brass or iron, to contemporary stainless steel and metallic. And there’s no shortage of different “flows” to choose from; want a waterfall spout? Take your pick.

Replacing faucets and hardware is pretty easy and straightforward, and you should be able to do most of the work yourself. It’s also quite affordable, with plenty of affordable options out there (in all styles).

LED Lights Bathroom

Throw Down Some Tile (On The Counter)

Most bathroom counters are a solid stone (or synthetic stone) countertops. Replacing those with tiles can create a unique style that’s attractive, water-resistant, and easy to install all by yourself (which is always a plus). It’s another simple technique, but one that can make a real difference and give your bathroom a stand-out edge,

Rethink The Floor

The bathroom floor doesn’t just have to be plain old white tile. Try a bright colored tile for something different, or even go nuts with vinyl if the room calls for it; retro designs are making a comeback, and few rooms in the home can handle them as well as the bathroom.

If you’re big into wooden flooring throughout the home, skip the real wood and go for some vinyl or laminate; it’ll look near indistinguishable, but will far more durable and moisture-resistant (a necessity in any bathroom).

Retro bathroom tile

Vinyl Bathroom Flooring

If you’re going for a more traditional and elegant style, on the other hand, play with different color tiles and materials, like terra cotta, to give the room additional texture and personality that matches your refined style. In fact, an entire bathroom decked out in terracotta and farmhouse fixtures can create a beautiful rustic look and feel. These days, you can even vinyl tiles – with grout and everything. They give you 100% of the classic tile look, with a far cheaper price tag and even easier installation. (And they’re just as durable).

Vinyl Tile

Terracotta Bathroom

Spend Some Time Rethinking How You Organize

Organization and storage is an important element in any bathroom, and if you’re just kind of tossing things around and storing them wherever, might just be the trick up your sleeve when it comes to revamping the room. A single medicine cabinet above the sink likely isn’t enough; think about installing a large a wooden cabinet – preferably wall-mounted as opposed to floor-standing – right next to the sink or the shower. Make sure there are adequate hooks and bars for hanging towels, and be sure they match the rest of the hardware and fixtures in the bathroom (think wrought iron or stainless steel, depending on your unique style).

Need more storage but don’t have a lot of room? See if you can put some recessed shelving or cabinets into the wall behind the sink or next to the shower. With some fine trim and finishing touches, this is the perfect place to store extra towels and other bathroom goods.

Bathroom Niche Shelves

Wall-Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

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