10 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

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Nov 09
10 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

If you’re in the same boat as a lot of us, you probably have a bedroom that is – unfortunately – way smaller than you’d like it to be. Maybe you live in the city and space is at a premium, or maybe you’re downsizing and moving to a smaller home in order to simplify life (and lower those mortgage payments!)

Either way, you’ve found that your bedroom is just a little bit too small for comfort. It’s too bad that you can’t really do much to actually make your room larger, but there is good news: you can do quite a few things – pull a few tricks – to make that room appear larger and more spacious. You can also be sure to make the most of the space you do have at your disposal.

So, without further ado, keep reading to see 10 Creative Ways You Can Make Your Bedroom Look A Lot Bigger. We think you’ll see a few you really like…and have your new bedroom up and running in no time.

#1: Paint the Room White

It’s no secret that white makes any room or space feel instantly more spacious, bright and airy. By painting your bedroom, a bright white, you can maximize the amount of lighting bouncing around the room, creating a larger appearance.

To get the maximum effect, we recommend painting more than just the walls; if the ceiling is the same color, and the floor a close match as well, your depth perception will be just slightly fooled…and you’ll think your room is a lot bigger than it is.

It sounds crazy, but it works!

#2: Or…Paint the Ceiling A Dark Color: Accent Ceilings

This might seem counterintuitive after being told to make the room all the same color. But in some rooms, it might be advantageous to make the ceiling a darker color; particularly, a deep blue or black. In some cases, even, a gold or metallic color might help by reflecting a bit of light.

The idea with these dark colors is again, to draw the eye upward – to “trick” you into thinking the room is larger than it really is. But it’s also that a deep, dark color – like deep blue – also feels like the sky – something you can just stare endlessly into.

#3: Use Floating Shelves

No matter how small the room, there will always be a need for storage. By getting your stuff off the floor and onto the walls, you can maximize the amount of space you use – and help keep things clean and uncluttered. That alone plays a huge part in making a room appear roomy. Floating shelves are perfect for this; they take up much less space than bookcases, cabinets or nightstands, leaving you more room to move around or store items underneath (as well as making the room seem emptier).

If you really want to free up some space, replace that large headboard with a floating shelf above the bed; a floating shelf will take up less space and lend the room a more spacious appearance. It will also provide extra storage that a headboard can’t, freeing up space somewhere else.

You could even build a bookshelf into your headboard; now that would be an efficient use of space!

Headboard with Shelves

#4: Go For A Lower Bed

This one might seem a little odd, but it makes total sense: a taller bed might not take up more floor space, but it certainly will appear quite a bit larger – just by pure optics. Your room will feel instantly more spacious, even if all the space you gained isn’t really all that usable.

For bonus points, some designers recommend hanging a pendant light above the room – showing off just how much space there is above the bed and emphasizing the newfound size of the room. It might also help to choose the smallest and most streamlined bed you can; skip the heavy-duty headboard and chunky frames and get something sleek and modern.

Low Bed - Overstock

#5: Get A Bed With Drawers Underneath

Let’s say you decide NOT to go for a bed that’s super low to the ground; that’s fine…if you take advantage of all that space under there by adding some drawers or pull-out bins. (Wayfair bed with drawers)

Drawers under your bed aren’t as expensive as you might think, and you can almost certainly find one of these integrated sleeping/storage options to fit your bedroom’s unique style – whether that’s a Scandinavian minimalist or chic modern industrial look.

Use the drawers to store everything from extra bedding and sheets to your clothes and shoes. You might not even need a dedicated dresser! That would certainly save some space.

#6: Ditch the Drapes

Large, thick and heavy drapes take up a lot of space – and can make the room appear more cramped than it really is. Ditch them and the whole room will feel instantly more spacious, and even a good deal brighter.

You’ll still need pulldown shades in the room to keep the light out and retain some privacy but leaving the perimeter around the window unadorned can make a larger difference (in how you perceive the room’s spaciousness) than you might think.

#7: Use Lots of Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, which helps brighten up the room a just a little bit further. They also help create appearance of a larger room, just by adding some depth; you’ll think the room is bigger than it is just by seeing the reflection of the rest of the room in the mirror.

A large vanity mirror will have the most pronounced effect, obviously, but you can get still get some effect by placing smaller mirrors throughout the room. Just be sure they are put in safe and practical places, where they serve some use; it’s still better to use your bedroom’s limited space efficiently than to just place items around for the sake of making it “feel” bigger.

Bedroom with Big Mirrors

#8: Use an Area Rug

Rugs add some texture and color to a room, but they can also help define the space and lend the illusion of extra space in the room. Choose colorful or plain rugs depending on the exact style of your bedroom interior and try to place them right in the middle of the room. Runners (long, rectangular mirrors) can make a room appear longer, while round rugs right in the middle of the room make it appear wider.


Area Rug Bedroom - Overstock

#9: Try Smaller Lamps and Tables

Smaller Lamps and Tables

This one seems so simple, maybe it should have been #1. Using smaller lamps and furniture than you might be accustomed to certainly frees up some room just through math, as smaller items obviously take up less space.

But they’ll also help the room look bigger just through scale and illusion alone. It’s perhaps the simplest suggestion on the list – but don’t overlook it!

#10: Build in Some Recessed Shelving

Recessed shelving won’t make the room larger. It might even make the room seem smaller, depending on how the shelving is constructed. But putting your books and belongings back into the wall frees up some extra room you wouldn’t otherwise. Add lights in each shelf for a soft, illuminating effect.

Recessed Shelving Bedroom

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