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Our design team is comprised interior designers and kitchen and bath designers to handle your project from conception to completion.

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We've provided consultation for over 1,000 homes throughout the beautiful state of Arizona. Throughout this time we have grown connections with home builders, contractors, and Realtors throughout Phoenix. This allows us to handle and oversee all interior design, remodeling and new home decor projects. Since we have very little overhead we are able to provide custom one-on-one services to see your home transition from beginning to end; working with you each step of the way.

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Brining you decor tips from our experiences designing Arizona homes. From old world trends of Scottsdale, to modern living in Downtown Phoenix. Welcome to our interior design blog.  

What Type of Roofing Shingles are Best for Your Home’s Style?

The Perfect Roof for Your Home If you’re looking for the perfect roofing style for your home, shingles are among the most common choices. Like other types of roofing, there are plenty of unique shingle types and materials available, depending on your preferences and the home’s specific needs. The following are the different types of roof shingles you can choose from based on preference, budget, and architectural needs. Asphalt Shingles The most common type of shingle used in America is the asphalt shingle. These are available in multiple materials and designs to meet the needs


Essential Kitchen Flooring Tile Styles You Need to Know

Think of redoing your “kitchen” and you probably first think of countertops and cabinets – and for good reason. Both are essential parts of any kitchen, and both have massive effects the kitchen’s overall look and feel. But when redoing your kitchen, you might be tempted to focus on those countertops and cabinets to the detriment of another very important part: the kitchen floor. Tile floors are traditional and classic – the kind you’ll find on almost any kitchen floor. But they are not the only option; whether you’re into tile or into a hardwood


Fun and Elegant Winter Kitchen Décor Ideas: 2019 Edition

Winter is coming. That sounds ominous to some, for sure, but we think it means that a prime time for some light kitchen makeovers and some heavy redecorating to prep for the upcoming chilly season. And what better way to welcome the New Year – when it arrives – than with a fresh new kitchen? Keep reading to see some hot – and cool- trends and ideas for redecorating your kitchen this winter. Start With The Color: Warm or Cool? If you think it’s time for a new color palette for the winter seasons, there


Brilliant Bathroom Ideas…On a Budget

The bathroom is – right after the kitchen – one of the centerpieces of your home’s interior aesthetic. It’s the perfect place to experiment with new styles, or to show off your own aesthetic preferences, in a less-prominent part of the house. Whether you prefer a modern style or a more traditional and elegant one, there are tons of updates and little tweaks you can make to your bathroom to bring it to the next level and add some style to the home. Here are a few brilliant ones. Add Some New Lights This is


10 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

If you’re in the same boat as a lot of us, you probably have a bedroom that is – unfortunately – way smaller than you’d like it to be. Maybe you live in the city and space is at a premium, or maybe you’re downsizing and moving to a smaller home in order to simplify life (and lower those mortgage payments!) Either way, you’ve found that your bedroom is just a little bit too small for comfort. It’s too bad that you can’t really do much to actually make your room larger, but there is


Interior Design Tips For A Spectacular Entry Way

They say that first impressions can be hard to shake, and we all know just how important those first few seconds are to set the tone….and we’re not just talking about introductions and interviews here; a visitor’s first impression of your home is likely to set the tone for the whole interaction. That’s why your home’s entryway is so integral to the overall appearance of the home. When someone walks into a beautiful entryway, they are immediately wowed – an impression they take into every other room in the house. When, on the other hand,


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